The seven best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve!


Not sure exactly where you’ll be when the clock strikes 12 o’clock? Who says New Year’s Eve is always disappointing? Visit one of these wonderful cities for a guaranteed great time!  These seven firework cities are excellent places to begin the…

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Aruba on goal to become the first 100% sustainable destination


Aruba as a sustainable vacation destination. By 2020, Aruba’s Smart Island Strategy will transition the island to 100 percent renewable energy, increase housing choices and neighborhood quality, strengthen social cohesion, reduce traffic congestion and improve mobility, reduce obesity and improve…

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Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in the World


  If you see someone driving in an expensive car, it is not said that that person has a well-filled wallet. Perhaps the car is from the neighbor? But there’s no doubt about expensive houses: these people are immensely rich.…

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Advantages to selling your house over Christmas

For sal

Try not to be afraid in case you’re attempting to sell your home as the tinsel’s going up. There are some minimal known advantages when offering your house through Christmas and New Year.  There are challenges to selling your property…

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16 of the most amazing buildings in the world

Busan Opera House

Even if you’re not interested in architecture, you will like these amazing buildings. Architecture isn’t boring! OODA Architecture Team designed this fascinating piece of amazing architecture, Busan Opera House, for international competition in 2011. I can describe this proposal for…

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Wild off-road vehicles


Traveling around certain parts of the island can be quite challenging in a normal road vehicle, particularly the northeast coast where many of Aruba’s hidden treasures are located, can be difficult to get to unless you are in an off-road…

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16 Amazing hacks of 2015


The Lowline Lab Developed by Dan Barasch and James Ramsey “It’s not like any park you’ve ever seen before,” says Dan Barasch of the Lowline, an abandoned trolley terminal in New York City’s Lower East Side that he and architect James…

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The perfect vacation on Aruba


Admitting it’s attractive to spend every day lying on the bone-white sand, you don’t want to miss out on Aruba’s other side. Visitors can easily spend a week in Aruba exploring the arid-like outback, enjoying the water sports, examining the…

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Tropical island aboard


Tropical Island Paradise’, that’s the name of this yacht, designed by the international company ‘Yacht Island Design’. It’s quite impressive to see what ideas people can come up with. Especially the best yacht designers and -constructors of the world, because they…

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